Development and Implementations

On the right, you can see a small sample of the web development we have done.

Need a website or an online store?

Yes. We all do. Of course it is much more than "because every company has one." Don't take our word for it. According to Yelp's survey recently, 74% of business people say "yellow pages are no longer relevant." Just where do people go to find, say, a local roofer or plumber nowadays? Online of course. Still think your business is too small to need a website? Understandably, if your business is small you obviously do not need a 500-page website. However, the need for your business to be online is there. You simply cannot afford not to if you need more customers.

We have been helping companies and small business with their website need for more than a decade. We have done Section 508 compliant websites for government contractors, eCommerce sites with online transaction capabilities, dynamic CMS websites based on Joomla or Drupal, and web-based email systems such as RoundCube or OWA (Outlook Web Access). Here is a short list of technologies that we support.

What other types of development do you do?

Ok. We will be upfront that our specialty isn't software development such as writing programs or softwares. There are plenty of firms around the world that you can outsource to. What we develop are the solutions to your IT issues.

Let's say you have a highly successful website with lots of traffic. Congratulations for accomplishing such a feat. Now, what you need is to secure your website from hackers. There are people out there with nothing better to do than rain on your parade. What we can do for you then is develop a solution, involving firewalls, load balancers, and reverse cache for performance, with a single or multiple products, whether proprietary or Open Source, and make them work for you in securing and boosting the performance of your golden goose.

That's just one example of solution development. We do so much more than that. The only way we can describe them all is to write a book on that. As such, a more efficient way is for you to contact us for a stress-free complimentary consultation.

We can help you with integration and implementation.

Do you need help with installation of that accounting software, printer, router, or firewall that you just bought? How about having your own web server to run your website and your own email server to send your amazing newsletters out? Yes. We can help you do all that with our integration and implementation service.