Advice and Consultations

Do you have IT questions?

As a business owner, we understand you have questions.

» Which EHR/EMR software is best for my clinic?
» Should I use server version or SaaS version of eClinicalWorks?
» How can my servers and computers at my clinic be HIPAA compliant?
» Would Open Source software be suitable for what I need?
» Should I host my own mail server or let someone else host it?
» I need to get laptops for my employees. What should I get?
» Our server is sluggish. How do I know if our web server is hacked?
» Which router, switch, server, or software should I get?

We can help you find the best answers with our advice and consultation service.

When you need an IT professional brilliant enough to sit with you and answer all your concerns, our consultants are the experts you are looking for. This is exactly what we do for clients with our advice and consultation service: help you find the answers to all your IT concerns.

Of course, handing out IT advice is one thing … having the expertise to pull it off for you is another. We are more than a group of experienced IT consultants. We know that our advice, guidance, and insights will only get you halfway there. Therefore, we offer more services to turn our advice into a success story.